Not long now...

October is here already! With four days left on the Kindle Scout campaign, I just wanted to say a big thank-you to everyone that nominated BROKEN BLUE. Your support has kept a smile on my face. Thank-you so much!

I keep my hand in one of the forums where all the Kindle Scout participants loiter and the recent buzz is that the Kindle Scout team aren't currently taking much on at the moment, so I'm bracing myself for a 'thanks, but no thanks' from the Kindle Scout team (hopefully next week). BUT, if this does happen BROKEN BLUE will still be released before Christmas on the KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) platform so you will still be able to grab a copy for yourself. So, if you do receive that email that says BROKEN BLUE wasn't selected for publication, fear not, it is not the end my friends! We will push through. 

You can still nominate BROKEN BLUE here.

Coming up...

I hope you're enjoying the blog so far. I'm having a great time interviewing other indie authors. Saying that they are incredible is a massive understatement. Indie authors are quite simply the most creative and diverse bunch of people you'll ever meet in the publishing industry.

Thursday 5th October

At lunchtime on Thursday the 5th of October we have Nick Cook on the blog. Nick is the author of the popular teen series CLOUD RIDERS. He will be talking about his exciting new projects and his jump from traditional publishing to indie publishing. Make sure you don't miss out!

Nick Cook Author.jpg

Halloween Special

Coming up at the end of the month, I'll be comparing notes with Los Angeles based Screenwriter/Director, Chris O'Neill, on his work in the indie film industry. 


It's going to be a packed month!